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Compelling Value + Shareholder Involvement = Superior Returns

Experienced Founder with Strong Track Record

Tides Capital (“Tides”) was founded in 2014 by Scott Mackay to manage capital for Millennium Management. Mr. Mackay over 25 years of portfolio management, private equity and investment banking experience. Since becoming independent in 2017, Tides has invested in and exited 5 public equity opportunities, 4 through acquisition, generating an average IRR of over 60%.

Extremely Selective

Tides focuses on identifying and acquiring positions in select public companies that are at deep discounts to intrinsic value which stand to benefit from expected catalysts. We attempt to find businesses that have excellent free cash flow capability with prudent leverage, if any, which are mispriced and highly unlikely to result in permanent loss of capital. We invest on a deal by deal basis, rather than a fund structure, to enhance focus on best ideas and deliver highest possible returns to investors.

Identifiable Catalysts

Target companies must have identifiable catalysts that will likely result in enhanced shareholder value and market recognition within a two year time horizon.

Constructive Activism

Tides will hold active and constructive dialogue with management teams, boards and other shareholders to implement strategies which will activate the identifiable catalysts, resulting in increased shareholder value.

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